Paperless Filing

paperless filingPTS Solutions’ Virtual Filing Cabinet Solution is an electronic document storage solution. Virtual Filing Cabinet Solution seamlessly integrates with the PTS Solutions public safety software applications so that copies of records are automatically transferred to the virtual filing cabinet. The data is indexed and stored, and the copies are linked back to the application’s database. To search for and locate the record, users simply need to enter any word or phrase that exists in the record.

  • Full Text Search Capabilities
  • Multi-leveled security
  • Multi-colored redaction
  • Multi-colored Annotations/Highlighting
  • Searchable Notes – at both the Folder and Document Level
  • Audit Trail
  • Legacy Data Conversion Option


Analytic ReportingPTS Analytics is a statistical reporting and data analysis tool that is designed to work in conjunction with other PTS software. This software turns your PTS data into printable graphs and charts that can be used in reports, proposals or simply administrative viewing and tracking. PTS Solutions designed PTS Analytics in response to the need to give administrators more information faster and in a graphical format that would be easy to understand.

PTS Analytics shows your PTS data results in a graphical format. For example:

  • Real time analysis graphs and meters always on display when application is open
  • Criteria searches narrow the result set, allowing quicker analysis of specific record(s)
  • Plot incident info, addresses and more on printable maps
  • 10 different types of 2D and 3D customizable charts and graphs are available for instant analysis and printable reports

Personnel & Training

PTS Personnel & TrainingThe PTS Personnel and Training Solution can be a standalone or PTS System integrated solution for personnel and training records management.

  • Use the Employee file to track hiring dates, skills, certifications, rank changes, terminations and more
  • Attach files to employee records
  • Course info can include instructors, students, agency and student costs, start and end dates, rescheduled dates, and certificate expiration dates
  • Easily view all currently enrolled instructors and students for each training session
  • Log and record in-depth details of each of your agency’s firearms
  • Several reports can be run on courses, employee records, and firearm records
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