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Incident Solution

Records Management System

PTS Incident Solution is a powerful law enforcement software application that agencies can use in the office and at the scene on laptops to record incident details from beginning to end. It’s the perfect tool for police departments, sheriff departments, K-12 school police, college and university campus police as well as marshal offices and other law enforcement agencies to use .


PTS Evidence Management Solution police software provides the tools you need for documenting and keeping track of evidence involved in incidents.
  • User & Location-Based Permissions Setup
  • Custom Locations
  • Editable Application Settings & Fields
  • 2 Methods of Evidence Record Creation
    • From Scratch
    • Import from PTS Incident Solution
  • Permanent & Temporary Item Check-In
  • Chain of Custody (Single & Multiple Items)
  • Parties Related to Evidence
  • Image & Video Attachment
  • Evidence Audit
  • Evidence Disposal Records
PTS Investigations Case Management Solution simplifies the process of Investigation Records Management for detectives and investigators. This software keeps track of all records relating to everything involved in an investigation:
  • Caseloads
  • Case Assignments and History
  • Time Spent on Cases
  • Case and Investigator Statistics
  • Task Lists
  • Phone Logs
  • eNote Pads
  • Solvability Assessments and Closure Values
  • Review Dates
  • Approvals and Case Dispositions
  • Case Particulars / Potential Modus Operandi
PTS offers two citation options: Basic Citation and Electronic Citation.

Basic Citation
The basic citation feature located within the Incident program is designed to maintain all department citation records. Using basic citation, officers enter data at an office workstation or through a mobile data terminal.

Electronic Citation
As an option, PTS Incident can interface with Saltus Technologies’ electronic digiTICKET system. The digiTICKET system scans driver’s licenses, state and military IDs from all over the United States, Canada and Mexico. Citation issuance times are typically reduced by more than 50%, and the import of citation data into PTS Incident Solutions happens with the click of a button.

Both Options Include:
  • Interfaces with drivers' license magnetic stripe readers
  • Import data to the incident module
  • In-car citation printing
PTS' Sex Offender Registry and Probation Registry software enable your agency to register convicted sex offenders and probationers.
  • Schedule new meetings
  • Document all court appointed meetings
  • Print meeting receipts
  • Links to PTS ID file with full personal details, photo, warrants and offense history
  • Registrant status, completion dates, etc.
  • Attach notes
  • Built-in reports include:
    • Due To Report
    • Overdue List
    • Contacts Made
    • More
Incident Solutions Field Reporting is the mobile version of our standard PTS Incident Solutions police software. When installed on mobile devices, officers can complete their incident reports directly from their vehicle or remote substation.
  • Document field interviews
  • Write incident and arrest reports
  • Insert and track property and evidence
  • Attach images
  • Accident reporting
  • Basic traffic citations
  • Complete domestic violence forms
  • Access IDs and warrants



police softwareReport each detail of an Incident, including location, complainant info and address, dates / times, signals, offenses, offenders, victims, other parties, narratives, status and dispositions. You can also add images, document each piece of related property and evidence, and fill out a complete arrest report. The software includes a validation error so that you can ensure your submissions are error-free.


Incident Reporting SoftwareThe Involved Parties’ personal and contact info is drawn from PTS’ powerful ID file which is shared across several PTS applications. To this you can add all victim, complainant, offender and other party info.


Police Records Management SystemDocument offenses thoroughly, with ID, description, involved parties, weapon, hate bias info and more.

Domestic Violence

Police SoftwareDocument medical info, evidence and witness info, mental and physical characteristics of victim and suspect and more. Injury locations can easily be plotted via drag-n-drop onto male and female body graphic.


law enforcement softwareFully detailed narratives of the incident can be entered as initial report, supplemental report or for the evidence related to the incident. You can password protect for security.

Incident Records Browse

Police Records Management SystemA central hub gives you a quick list of Incident records. You can organize the view by Incident #, Signal, Date/Time and Street Name. Selecting a record in the main grid gives a glance at the details of the Incident.


Citation softwareManage every aspect of Citations, including vehicle location, address and offender ID info. You can attach multiple violations if your agency permits.

Field Interviews

Police SoftwareCreate detailed records of every Field Interview your agency performs, including the location, search/frisk details, subject’s ID personal info and description, aliases, associates and more.


UCR & NIBRS ReportingRun test submissions of UCR / NIBRS before final submission to enure error-free reporting

Search Engines

Search EnginesSeveral Search Engines are built in, enabling you to find the exact info you need without trouble.


Police Reporting SoftwareIncident Solution is pre-loaded with many reports to help you keep track of various types of data.

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