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Computer Aided Dispatch Software

Computer Aided Dispatch SoftwareAdvanced police dispatch software is a must for 911 call centers. That being said, the software should be easy to learn and even easier to use, so that dispatchers can perform their daily tasks unhindered.

PTS Platinum CAD meets that need with all that you’d expect and more from modern computer aided dispatch software.

  • Customizable Workspace Layout
  • Complete Event Management and Scheduling
  • Office and Resource Tracking
  • User-Defined Reports and Searches
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • BOLOs and PassOns
  • Real Analytical and Tracking Data
  • Optional Automatic Vehicle Location
  • More!

computer aided dispatch software customizationCustomization Is Key To Usability

customizationDispatchers’ main goal is to help keep their officers and the community as safe as possible. However, unwieldy and complicated software applications just stand in the way. Platinum CAD lays all important tools at the dispatcher’s fingertips; dispatching features are right there on the main screen and everything else is at most a few clicks away.

Don’t like things exactly how we’ve laid it out? Change it. Customize the window layouts, edit field labels, change the size and placement of fields and more.

Customization and options don’t just apply to aesthetics, however. Platinum CAD Computer Aided Dispatch software provides numerous options that help improve workflow.

For example, multiple dispatch methods are included. Drag and drop Events and Units between grids or on the integrated Bing map, type on the command line, or use a function key. And speaking of mapping, our optional AVL program integrates seamlessly into the CAD map for vehicle tracking and plotting.

police dispatch to do listDaily Tasks Don’t Need To Be So Tasking

wrecker rotationMany people dread coming to work because they spend all day dealing with software that is much more convoluted than need be. However, Platinum CAD is easy to use. This is dispatch software for Users who don’t want complicated technology to get in their way.

For example, set up an unlimited number of resource rotation lists so that when a wrecker or ambulance is needed, it’s not necessary to try to figure who’s available or even on duty. Simply click to send the next one in line. And if for some reason the first unit in the list isn’t available, it’s easy to send it to the back of the line and click to send the next one.

Agency Routing In CADRouting events to multiple agencies is also a lot less trouble. Agencies can set up recommendations for available personnel beforehand.

offender management system tasksAsk this question: will officers know what to do when they come upon a specific situation that has a history of causing trouble? With Platinum CAD, set up Standard Operating Procedures for every Event, Address, Person and Vehicle record in the database. That way, officers encountering those sticky situations have all the pertinent info to keep them safe right there in plain view.

With some police dispatch software, it can be difficult to find specific records in the database. But not with Platinum CAD. Create customized grid and Boolean data searches, then save and share them so that when that search is needed again, it will be an easy process that won’t drag the process down.

Communicate Like A Real Team

notificationsThe only way dispatchers can keep up with what’s happening in the agency and their community is to communicate effectively.

Computer Aided Dispatch Software NotificationsVisual and audible alerts notify of BOLOs, upcoming scheduled events, Shift PassOns and more. Send this or any other info to one or more officers using Platinum CAD’s own email system.

Multi-Compliant Police Dispatch Software

An agency’s dispatching needs will never be met if the software tools in use aren’t compliant with important standards, rules and regulations. PTS Solutions’ Platinum CAD is compliant with APCO, IACP, NIEM and CJIS, with SQL Server integration.


police dispatch softwareEvent / Call Management

customizationIn-Depth Customization

CAD RoutingRouting

Police Dispatch Software NotificationsNotifications

Computer Aided Dispatch Resource RotationsResource Rotation

Standard Operating ProceduresStandard Operating Procedures


  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Breadcrumb Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Calculate/Search Vehicle Speeds
Map Solution is an optional supplement offering Basic, Intermediate and Advanced mapping options, depending on the needs of the agency.
  • Complete Incident Mapping
  • Dispatch Mapping, Mobile Mapping and AVL Mapping options
  • Address Information
  • Road View or Aerial View to Suit the Need of the Moment
  • Plot the Nearest Unit to an Incident
  • Map Editors
  • Detailed Address Details Including Photos and Video
  • Turn by Turn Directions
Messenger is a complete instant messaging system working in conjunction with Platinum CAD and offering several features for agencies who need the ability to stay in quick contact.
  • Instant Messaging System
    • Send private, secure messages to individual or multiple parties
  • Works from any Windows computer, including mobile laptops
  • Interface is similar to popular Instant Messaging Software, providing familiarity and ease of use
    • Send messages to online or offline users
    • Chat functionality between 2 or more people
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