PTS Mobile

Flagship Product

PTS Solutions’ Mobile Police Software Solution gives officers in police vehicles  an at-a-glance view of what is currently happening in PTS CAD Solutions.

Mobile Police Software

  • Available Units
  • Call Tracking
  • NCIC Queries
  • Quick Tag Search
  • Security
  • Much More…

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PTS Messenger is a complete instant messaging system offering several features for agencies who need the ability to stay in quick contact.

  • Instant Messaging System
    • Send private, secure messages to multiple parties
  • Works from any machine, including mobile laptops
  • Interface is similar to popular Instant Messaging Software
    • Send messages to online or offline users
    • Chat functionality between 2 or more people

  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Breadcrumb Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Calculate/Search Vehicle Speeds

Mobile Dispatch Features

* Seamless Updates with PTS CAD
* Detailed CAD Incident Management

* Quick & Easy Status Change
* Day & Night Settings

* BOLOs & Pass-Ons
* Optional Integrated Mapping

Mobile NCIC Features

* Search by OLN, Plate, Article, Gun, Boat, More…
* Display License Photos (if Allowed By State)

* Follows NCIC Password Regulations
* Audible & Visual Notification of Returns

* Secure Authentication & Connectivity
* Kill Switch

BossManPTS Mobile Software by PTS Solutions for Police and Security