PTS Mobile
In-Car Dispatch & Reporting Solution

PTS Mobile Police Software software offers laptop users an at-a-glance view of what is happening in the PTS Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD). PTS mobile allows dispatchers and officers to utilize voice or silent dispatching. Fast and secure access to your State’s Crime Information Center (CIC) database can be included as an option, for wireless queries of operator and vehicle data. Automatic Vehicle Location can also be added.


PTS Messenger is a complete instant messaging system offering several features for agencies who need the ability to stay in quick contact.
  • Instant Messaging System
    • Send private, secure messages to multiple parties
  • Works from any machine, including mobile laptops
  • Interface is similar to popular Instant Messaging Software
    • Send messages to online or offline users
    • Chat functionality between 2 or more people
  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Breadcrumb Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Calculate & Search Vehicle Speeds

Mobile Dispatch Features

Mobile Police Incident ReportingComplete Mobile Management

PTS Mobile’s tabbed interface provides for quick and easy access to all information and tools.


Mobile Police Status ChangeUnit Status

Changing your status is a simple matter of a click. The change is then updated automatically in CAD. Officers can also view activity and status of other Units.


Mobile Police BOLOBOLOS & PassOns

BOLOs and PassOns issued in CAD can be read by just clicking the respective buttons, conveniently located for quick and easy access.


Police Mobile MappingOptional Integrated Mapping

The optional Integrated Map displays the location of every AVL-enabled Unit and the address of each call currently active in CAD.

Works with Computer Aided Dispatching SoftwareIntegration With PTS CAD

PTS Mobile and CAD share such data as Call Details, Times, Notes, Status of all Units and more. Officers can also search the CAD database for Warrants, Field Interviews, Call History and Record History.


Mobile Police Day and Night settingsDay & Night Settings

Day & Night settings help reduce eye strain and facilitate User preferences and needs.

Mobile NCIC Features

NCIC Queries

Run searches on Licenses, Names, Guns, Boats and Articles. Returns display on the same page/window so that officers don’t have to click to see them.Officers can view an ongoing log of all NCIC returns.


DL Photos

For states that allow, NCIC returns display Driver’s License photos as applicable.

Return Alerts

PTS Mobile sends visual and audible alerts when results of an NCIC Query come in.

NCIC Password RegulationsPassword Security

PTS Mobile strictly adheres to NCIC Password Regulations.

Secure NCICSecure Authentication  & Connectivity

NCIC Kill SwitchKill Switch

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