Jail Solution

Flagship Product

PTS Jail software is a multi-featured, fully functional solutions designed for facilities of all sizes.

Jail Management Software

  • Complete Booking Process
  • Activities
  • Visitors Management
  • Inmate Alerts
  • Accounting
  • Much More…

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While basic accounting functions are available in our traditional jail package, PTS offers a full Inmate Accounting/Commissary add-on as part of our Enhanced Jail Management Solutions.

  • Post deposits, withdrawals, adjustments, transfers and work release to inmate accounts
  • Print pull sheets, checks and receipts
  • Indigent Packs/Bundles
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Bar Coding
  • Generate Purchase Orders
  • Record and Link Invoices
  • Print Daily Reports

Warrants and Affidavits are entered into the system through the warrant portion of the Jail Management Software or via a separate Warrants Management add-on. Individuals identified with a warrant appear on the Master Name File with their name in a bright red highlight to instantaneously identify wanted persons.

  • ID Data
  • Offense Details
  • Warrant Status
  • Service Information
  • Ability to list underlying offenses
  • Bond amounts/bond denied
  • Permission based editing

Jail Software
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