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jail management softwareBecause of the United States’ high incarceration rate. modern detention centers require a powerful jail software system that handles all the necessary tasks efficiently and reliably.

Platinum OMS is a multi-featured, fully functional jail management solution. Facilities of all sizes find in OMS a powerful aid in corrections management.

  • Customizable Workspace Layout
  • Census and Other Reports
  • Warrants
  • Bail Bond Documentation & Tracking
  • Date Exporting
  • Inmate Jobs
  • Detainers
  • Gang Affiliation Tracking
  • Inmate ID Badges & Wristbands
  • More!

Easy Access is Vital for Efficient Facility Management

DASHBOARDSThe Greaseboard is the system’s default screen and provides easy access to all features. Agencies can customize the views and layout to fit their preferences. Census, current locations, permanent assignments and more are all immediately visible, and unnecessary views can be hidden.

But OMS is very versatile, and the Greaseboard is just one of the central hubs in PTS’ Jail Management System. Because the primary job functions of OMS users vary so greatly,  most users will spend a great deal of time in the Incident Dashboard (for quick access to incident records and their workflows), the Intake Wizard, the Release Dashboard or the Notifications Dashboard (for facility summary counts and  scheduled events, hearings and transports).

Take Booking Step By Step

Processing incoming inmates can be a drawn-out and overwhelming task, especially when things are busy. An effective jail management system should provide a booking routing that is quick and efficient yet thorough, allowing entry of every detail. The Platinum OMS Intake Wizard fits that bill, taking you step-by-step through each type of info you need to record.

BOOKING / INTAKEOn the Person Information and Person Features pages, you’ll enter all personal and descriptive data on the inmate, including the basics such as name, age, address, credentials, physical attributes and more.

The Booking Information page is for entering the details of this specific booking of the inmate, like booking type, booking start date, projected release date, booking and billing agencies, booking employee, status and more. Detailed charge info is also added here.

Details of belongings on the inmate’s person and items issued for his incarceration are logged on the Personal and Issued Property pages.

Facility personnel need to know about each inmate’s physical, mental and emotional state at time of booking as well as medical information. OMS’ Intake Wizard provides a visual assessment tool featuring Yes/No questions that require explanations for all all Yes answers.

Before the last step of selecting a temporary housing location for the inmate, it’s time to “put a face with the name”. Users can attach multiple images from the computer or take photos using a camera connected to the PC. If an inmate has a previous book record in the database, any mugshots from it will be visible on this page.

Know What’s Going On

ACTIVITY LOGFacility employees have to be aware at all times of what the inmates are doing. The activity features of OMS Jail Management System empower clerks and jailers to stay on top of it all.

Using the Activity Log, keep track of time & date, location and other details of inmate activities such as doctor & dental appointments, recreation, library and more.

OMS features fully interactive and managed inmate incident reporting, including narratives, offenses, rules violations, discipline details, court dates, hearings and more. Agencies can define workflows and management requirements.

INCIDENTSDon’t be caught unaware when someone shows up to see an inmate. Our Jail Management software gives facilities the ability to manage inmate visitations. Users can authorize and deny specific visitors as well as temporarily or permanently revoke visitation privileges for an inmate altogether.

When a watch is required for an inmate, such as suicide, medication, etc., clerks can set up alerts in OMS. They can be set to fire at user-defined intervals and include Standard Operating Procedures that must be carried out and “signed off on” before the software can resume use.

Inmate Release

OMS Jail software includes features that help the inmate release process flow smoothly. A handy Sentence Calculator enables users to figure release dates, factoring in time served and other credits as well as early release info. Victim notification requirements ensure notification attempts for any victim of the subject are at least attempted prior to the ability to release the inmate, and provide the ability to track whether notification was made.



Jail CensusIntake Wizard

Incident Management


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