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Platinum Plus Mobile
Mobile CAD, NCIC, AVL,
Citations Software

PTS Solutions, Inc.

The mobile software app keeps patrol, investigators, warrant officers connected from any secure mobile device.

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Laptop, Tablet or Phone

Mobile Software

PTS Platinum Plus Mobile includes Mobile CAD, Mobile AVL, Mobile Citation and Mobile NCIC. Mobile CAD, AVL and Citation work in tandem with PTS CAD while Mobile NCIC works on its own or in combination with other PTS products. PTS Mobile can work on any device at the agency or in the field as long as an internet connection exists.

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Use PTS Platinum Plus Mobile with other products:

  • Run NCIC queries from phones, tablets, laptops or
  • Exchange event notes with dispatcher and/or other
    mobile users
  • View person and address histories, including photos
    from any device
  • Get verbal and mapped directions to events when using
    optional map
  • Switch between day and night settings based on user
  • Receive BOLOs and PassOns from dispatch and/or
    command staff
  • Mobile AVL leaves breadcrumbs and can replay routes
    on request
  • Write and print citations from patrol vehicles using
    Mobile Citation
  • Permissioned users can view CAD events and vehicle
    locations from any device

Platinum Plus Suite

Software That Works for the User

PTS Platinum Plus was developed with the end-user and agency staff in mind. Built on a modern software platform that provides a work environment that an end user needs combined with the affordability and maintenance ease that command staff requires.

Platinum Plus Features

  • Easy to train, use and maintain
  • Affordable startup and annual fees
  • Best support team in the industry
  • Both cloud and on-premise access
    & data options
  • Remote and in-person training
    and support
  • Keep access to old reports and
    data with PTS Archive