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Law Enforcement Records Management (RMS)

Platinum Plus RMS
Law Enforcement Records
Management Software

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Law Enforcement and Security

Incident Report Software

PTS Incident Solutions is a powerful public safety software application that is used in the office and at the scene on laptops. With Incident Solutions users create incident reports, citations, field interviews, etc. and attach evidence, property, domestic violence reports and more.

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Use PTS Platinum Plus RMS with other products:

  • Document involved parties, offenses, narratives and
  • Built-in domestic violence report including injury diagrams
  • Full evidence and property collection, storage and tracking
  • Write and print citations directly from a laptop/printer
    in a patrol vehicle
  • Keep local histories of people and addresses
  • Collect information on non-reportable incidents and
    contacts using field interviews
  • Search engines allow users to find a print information
    for reports and forms
  • Create and print professional incident reports, arrest
    reports and more

Platinum Plus Suite - Coming Soon for RMS!

Software That Works for the User

PTS Platinum Plus Suite was developed with the end-user and agency staff in mind. Built on a modern software platform that provides a work environment that an end user needs combined with the affordability and maintenance ease that command staff requires.

Platinum Plus Features

  • Easy to train, use and maintain
  • Affordable startup and annual fees
  • Best support team in the industry
  • Both cloud and on-premise access
    & data options
  • Remote and in-person training
    and support
  • Keep access to old reports and
    data with PTS Archive