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Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Platinum Plus CAD
Dispatch Software

from PTS Solutions

PTS CAD is easy-to-use and affordable Computer Aided Dispatch Software for local dispatch and 911 centers

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Dispatch Software

Looking for affordable Computer Aided Dispatch software that has everything users need?

In their high-stress and hectic environment, dispatchers want Computer Aided Dispatch software that allows them to quickly, and efficiently manage incoming calls and the resources to handle them.

Administrators want a solution that works for their team at a price they can afford. They seek easy-to-use and easy-to-train, affordable Computer Aided Dispatch not only for today but long-term as well.

PTS Platinum Plus CAD blends the needs of all parties into a modern and affordable computer aided dispatch solution.

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Use PTS Platinum Plus CAD with other products:

  • Dispatch for law enforcement, fire, ems, security and more
  • Track people, vehicles and other resources
  • Numerous workspace layout options
  • Unit recommendations based on events, locations and resources
  • Tie alerts and SOPs to people, addresses and events
  • Notify individuals and groups of events via text or email
  • Mapping options from basic Google Map to advanced GIS
  • Built-in and custom searches, reports and analytics
  • Interfaces with third party systems including NCIC

Platinum Plus Suite

Software That Works for the User

PTS Platinum Plus was developed with the end-user and agency staff in mind. Built on a modern software platform that provides a work environment that an end user needs combined with the affordability and maintenance ease that command staff requires.

Platinum Plus CAD Features

  • Easy to train, use and maintain
  • Affordable startup and annual fees
  • Best support team in the industry
  • Both cloud and on-premise access
    & data options
  • Remote and in-person training
    and support
  • Keep access to old reports and
    data with PTS Archive