computer aided dispatch software

Platinum CAD

Computer Aided Dispatch Software

Platinum CAD provides your police department / emergency agency the necessary tools to keep your command center running smoothly.


  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Breadcrumb Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Calculate/Search Vehicle Speeds
Map Solution is an optional supplement offering Basic, Intermediate and Advanced mapping options, depending on the needs of the agency.
  • Complete Incident Mapping
  • Dispatch Mapping, Mobile Mapping and AVL Mapping options
  • Address Information
  • Road View or Aerial View to Suit the Need of the Moment
  • Plot the Nearest Unit to an Incident
  • Map Editors
  • Detailed Address Details Including Photos and Video
  • Plume Models
  • Turn by Turn Directions
Messenger is a complete instant messaging system working in conjunction with Platinum CAD and offering several features for agencies who need the ability to stay in quick contact.
  • Instant Messaging System
    • Send private, secure messages to individual or multiple parties
  • Works from any Windows computer, including mobile laptops
  • Interface is similar to popular Instant Messaging Software, providing familiarity and ease of use
    • Send messages to online or offline users
    • Chat functionality between 2 or more people


Event / Call Management

computer aided dispatch softwarePlatinum CAD manages every aspect of a call / event, from opening to final disposition and beyond.

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Dispatch Methods

Dispatching MethodsDispatch via drag & drop, right-click, function key, command line and using the map.

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customizationModify and share window layouts. You can also change the size and placement of fields and edit field labels.

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CAD RoutingAssign events and individual case numbers to multiple agencies, along with recommendations for available personnel, equipment, and agencies to dispatch.

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Inter-Agency Communication

Computer Dispatch SoftwareSend agency email messages to single recipients or groups.


CAD NotificationsAudible and visual alerts of system messages, Events, SOP, BOLO,and PassOns

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Resource Rotation

Computer Aided Dispatch Resource RotationsUnlimited customizable recommendation lists for wreckers, EMS, investigator call-out and more.

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NCIC QueriesSubmit NCIC queries


Schedule events and shifts, then view on the date/time calendar.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating ProceduresAgency-defined procedures can be attached to Events, Addresses, People and Vehicles.

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Computer Aided Dispatch MappingView and drag-n-drop events & units on the integrated Bing map.

Powerful Searching

Database Search

Create, save and share customized grid and Boolean data searches.

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ANI / ALI and e911

e911 and ANI / ALI

Because of full integration with ANI / ALI and e911, fields on the Event card are automatically populated with address, coordinates and phone number as provided by Phase II integration.


computer aided dispatch softwareAPCO, IACP, NIEM and CJIS compliant, with SQL Server integration

AVL Integration

AVLAgencies that use Platinum CAD in conjunction with PTS Mobile and its’ optional AVL program will find that AVL integrates seamlessly into the CAD map.

BossManComputer Aided Dispatch Software from PTS Solutions for CAD Centers and Police