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Platinum OMS

Jail Management System

Platinum OMS is a multi-featured, fully functional jail software solution. Facilities of all sizes find that this jail software is a powerful aid in corrections management.

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OMS Features

Full Facility Overview (Greaseboard)

Jail Management SystemThe Greaseboard serves as the central hub of our Jail Management System, enabling easy access to all features. Agencies can customize the views and layout to exact specifications, preferences and needs. Census, current locations, permanent assignments and more are all immediately visible, and unnecessary views can be hidden.

Flexible Intake Process

booking softwareCustomizable Intake Wizard guides the booking officer through the inmate receipt process. Forms and mandatory fields defined by admin provide a more efficient intake according to your agency’s needs.

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Activity Log

jail management systemKeep track of time & date, location and other details of inmate activities such as doctor & dental appointments, recreation, library and more.

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Jail Incidents

Jail Management SoftwareOMS features fully interactive and managed inmate incident reporting, including narratives, offenses, rules violations, discipline details, court dates, hearings and more. Agencies can define workflows and management requirements.


jail softwareModify field labels, size, and placement, window layouts and screens, then share via profiles.

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Inmate Movement & Assignment

Cell Assignment SoftwareRight-click or drag and drop one or multiple subjects from one cell to another while the system checks for occupancy limits and conflicts.

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Jail CensusCensus reports include the inmates’ permanent and current location. Know where your inmates are physically located, not just where they are supposed to be housed.  Generate reports for the whole facility, wings, pods or individual housing locations.  Census reports can also be generated for current locations.


Mugshot SoftwareOMS’ photo attachment capabilities aren’t just for mugshots. Unlimited images can be attached to the subject or booking. You can keep a photographic history of your inmate and track and search metadata on tattoos, scars, marks and deformities.


Jail Management SystemCreate a customized weighted question & answer-based classification system. Additional assessments include visual, medical, PREA and agency-defined questionnaires.

Interface Options

Jail Software Interface CapabilitiesOMS can interface with most inmate funds, phone, commissary, and healthcare applications as well as AFIS, and VINES.

Sentence Calculator

Jail Management SystemCalculate release dates, factoring in time served and other credits as well as early release info.

Visitation Reporting & Tracking

Jail Detainer SystemOur Jail Management System manages authorized visitors, and keesp track of visits including the ability to sort by visitor or inmate.


Victim Notification

Jail SoftwareVictim notification requirements ensure notification attempts for any victim of the subject are at least attempted prior to the ability to release the inmate, and provide the ability to track whether notification was made.


warrants management softwareFully integrated warrants management provides visual notifications of active warrants in the Person ID files throughout the PTS product catalog when used together.


jail management systemPre-schedule inmate movements, appointments, transportation, hearings and more, and receive visual notifications of upcoming events.


Online Jail PortalAdd to your agency’s website the ability to view who’s in your jail.

Other Features

jail management systemAdditional features include Bail Bond Documentation & Tracking, Inmate Jobs, Detainers, Gang Affiliation Tracking, Inmate ID Badges & Wristbands, Data Exporting and much more.

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